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my viewpoint ...
In 2000 I found I had breast cancer. After having the lump removed I embarked upon a mission to ensure that cancer would leave my body and never come back. For me the correct decision was to refuse radiotherapy and chemotherapy, but I would never suggest that this was right for everybody.
I returned for surgery several times before I knew that my body was free of illness. In the meantime I chose to do a huge amount of emotional and psychological clearing, using a powerful procedure known as Emotional Freedom Technique. Also I studied all and anything that I could get my hands on, both information about the disease itself and about the many alternative approaches, which can safely be continued alongside conventional hospital treatments. I found dozens of reasons why cancer need not be the death sentence which so many people fear. Finally. in 2006 I knew that my body would finally do what I wanted. Since then I have been in excellent health.

I learned that the body can actually obey what the mind is telling it to do so I studied several energy therapies and qualified as a Practitioner in Reiki and in EFT. I also gained a Diploma as a Natural Nutrition Practitioer.

if you have cancer ...

You are probably scared. This is natural because the word 'cancer' is one of the most feared in the English language today. People say it in hushed tones, if they mention it at all. I have heard people refer to cancer as ' the Big C', or 'The Worst', or even 'The Silent Killer, all of which only create more feelings of dread.
why is this?
Perhaps the very nature of the disease encourages this viewpoint. We can't see cancer like we can see a broken leg or a gashed head. There are no initial symptoms, not on the physical level at any rate.
but there is always hope
If you have been diagnosed with cancer there is so much that you can do to help yourself, alongside any conventional treatment you might be having. First and foremost never, ever give up hope. Trust that you will feel a little better each day, and every morning give thanks for being alive.

The heartening news is that we can all help ourselves back to health with our own personal programme, which is straight-forward and does not interfere with chemo or radio therapy. Actually it helps to make these treatments more effective and bearable.

An overwhelming message I have for everyone is this: the greatest help we can give ourselves is to think positively every waking second of our day and to believe that we can and will make a difference.

If you would like more information please get in touch and I will email you