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light & healing


Every cell in our body requires full-spectrum light to function correctly. When our cells are denied it they become sluggish and acidic, a breeding ground for disease.

Light particles, called Photons, are absorbed by the skin and underlying tissue, triggering biological changes within the body in a process known as “photobiostimulation”.

There are molecules within the cells of our bodies called photo-acceptors that, when activated by the Ultra-Violet rays of light, accelerate or speed up the cell repair process.

“Heliotherapy” was very popular in Europe in the 1900s - 1920s. Many patients were healed from tuberculosis and many other ailments including asthma, acne and eczema. When penicillin was discovered in 1938, big business and science rushed into the new area of antibiotics. Sun therapy fell into disrepute.

But experts today agree that a lack of natural light is a big contributing factor in diseases like depression1.

Exposure to light helps to set and maintain internal "body clock" (circadian rhythm) which is essential for regulating hormones, sleep patterns, mood and appetite

Sunlight can help tiredness and fatigue INCLUDING symptoms of "jet lag"



Why we need ULTRA-VIOLET (UV) light

  • UV light activates vitamin D synthesis.
  • UV light lowers blood pressure.
  • UV light increases heart “performance”.
  • UV light improves ECG and blood parameters in persons suffering from arteriosclerosis.
  • UV light lowers cholesterol counts.
  • UV light helps in weight loss.
  • UV light is effective against psoriasis.
  • UV light is effective with numerous other ailments (Krudsen in his book Light Therapy lists 165)
  • UV light promotes the production of sex hormones. UV light activates an important skin hormone (Solitrole).
  • UV light is a nutrient like vitamins and minerals.