about bren

let me introduce myself…

I’m Bren, which is short for Brenda. In Scotland and Ireland it used to be quite popular, being of Old Norse origin. It means “sword” or “firebrand”. I was given that name at birth because my mum said she liked it and she was a Viking from Shetland. 

However, I often wondered if it was because it sounded cute introducing me alongside my twin brother Brian in the remote Scottish Highland village where we were born in 1944 at the back end of the second world war.

my light went out

Apparently I was a bright little girl and my memories of childhood are mostly happy ones. But, once I finished school and left the shelter of my family, things didn’t always run smoothly. Several dark and heavy episodes cast shadows that would eventually threaten the health of my body, my mind and my soul.

However, I was unaware of these dire consequences and, by the time I reached middle age, I had allowed myself to move as far away from the ‘firebrand’ of my birth name as was humanly possible. All light had been sucked out of me and I was a dismal shadow of the person I was meant to be.

So I was in my fifties when I was brought up short and forced into a corner by circumstances that I could do nothing about.

Thankfully I managed to move away from that terrible dark place and learn how to shine again. It took a while and it wasn’t always easy but I did it. I’ve written it all down. to share with everyone, it’s a three-step method that I call THE LIGHT PROGRAMME.

I set up my programme for light as a reference source for people with cancer. It shows how we can introduce light back into our body, our mind and our soul. But magically, even if you’re not ill today, following this programme might actually prevent you and your family from becoming unwell in the future. And not just from cancer, everyone’s health improves when we let the light in.

And best of all anyone can do it.

You can read my story by following the links at the end of each page, and about the programme I developed, once I started to genuinely take control of my life, through the link ‘my light programme’.

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