beings of light

beings of light

Whether we can see them or not, angels are always around us and are waiting to assist us whenever we ask. There are angels for every task that we need help with, from finding lost keys to organising a parking space.

I went to dozens of classes, talks and workshops about angels while I was in the process of healing, and to anyone who told me they don’t exist I would say, you may not believe in angels, but they believe in you. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain when I learned to welcome these heavenly beings into my life. They have brought me nothing but light.

Everyone has at least one Guardian Angel. They are heavenly spirits assigned by God to watch over each of us during our lives. They are present to welcome us at birth and will travel with us to our next life when we die.

the powers of archangels

Archangels are pretty much the highest ranking among the celestial beings. Michael and Gabriel are recognised in Judaism, Islam, the Baha’i Faith, and by most Christians. But Uriel and Raphael take their place also among these most powerful beings. Each of the four Archangels has powerful specific energies that we call upon when we need help.

Michael is the highest Archangel and when he arrives, a sense of protection and warmth immediately empower us. Protection, truth, integrity, courage, and strength are characteristics of this bold and mighty angel.  He shines with a vivid blue light and, if we need courage, we can close our eyes and visualise our self bathed in his powerful blue energy.

Archangel Gabriel often shows up bearing an important message. That’s because she is the top angelic messenger of God and she is surrounded by a shining white light.  Often appearing in dreams to those that need help with communication skills, she can provide purity, fulfilment and direction in achieving our life’s goal. We know that Gabriel was chosen to tell Mary that she would give birth to Jesus.

I called on Raphael‘s help a lot in my path towards healing. His name means “He who heals” in Hebrew and he is surrounded with a glowing green light. Raphael works quickly to heal the mind, spirit, and body of all who ask so they can enjoy good health and peace. His presence is sometimes announced with a witty physical action, such as a book falling from a shelf.

Archangel Uriel shows us the difference between good and evil and he is there when we need to make the right decisions, solve a problem or resolve a conflict. Uriel brings wisdom to all that ask. Purple and gold are Uriel’s colours, representing courage, wisdom and mercy. By asking for Archangel Uriel’s help we can let go of resentment and bitterness.

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