my body talked

my body talked – but I couldn’t hear what it was saying

Taking my seat in a lecture room at Glasgow’s Caledonian University, I wondered if this would turn out to be the right thing for me to do.

Barbara began by declaring that our bodies always strive towards perfect health, but that we often don’t heed what they are telling us. She explained that we must listen to our bodies because illness or dis-ease is the body’s way of telling us that all is not right. It is sending us signals that we need to adjust certain aspects of our lifestyle. 

But then  I heard something that made me sit up and listen intently! “Cancer”, she said, “need not be a death sentence, it is a wake-up call from the Universe.” Wow! This was more like it, so for the rest of the talk I was enthralled and signed up afterwards to study for a diploma. And so began my next lesson – learning the secret of introducing light to my body. 

On the first stage of my journey Nina had shown me how to welcome the light of the Universe into my soul. She had said that I needed to change my diet, and promised that the right teachers would appear when I was ready. Now I had found my next teacher – and my healing journey continued!

our inner power

I learned that we all have the power to heal from within, everything in the Universe is connected and we can harness the natural healing cycles that exist within us all. Finding out that our bodies require light to survive was so obvious – when I started to think about it!

I made a new friend at the college, who became an inspiration to me on my healing journey. She had achieved a wonderful result from her own health challenge by curing herself from a non-Hodgkins lymphoma without any conventional treatment at all. She put herself on a diet containing so much carrot juice that she appeared quite orange at times! Her book Rabbits don’t get Lymphomais an account of her remarkable story. You can order it online.

the missing link

I absorbed so much new information from this course and the self-empowerment I gained was a revelation, but then another of my fellow students died of cancer and it shocked the whole class, because she had the healthiest diet among all of us,. This woman had become a good friend and I knew she was going through an extremely nasty marriage break-up.

She was quite religious and told me she knew it was “Gods Will” that she died.  After her funeral, I struggled to think why her healthy diet and spiritual lifestyle had not been able to overthrow the cancer.  It was clear that she still hadn’t found the key to becoming healthy and it was a ‘light bulb moment’ when I spotted the missing link. The dark and toxic emotions which I knew she harboured must have finally overwhelmed her. She just hadn’t been able to lighten her mind.

That friend’s death was a huge lesson for me on my journey, because it was one that I myself really needed to learn. Despite all the studies and research into my spiritual and physical development, that tiny lump in my breast returned not once but four times always in exactly the same place. 

the missing key

I returned to the breast unit to have the lump removed, but I knew I was merely buying time because Barbara had told us that when we are ill our bodies talk to us. I clearly wasn’t hearing the message because things in my body were still not right. I decided that it  must have everything to do with the state of my mind, but how would I even start to explore that?

I urgently needed to find the key, because unless I unlocked the darkness in my mind, I would go down the same path as my now deceased friend, and there was no way I was ready to do that. However foolish it may have seemed, I just couldn’t face the thought of the chemo and radiotherapy that they offered me.

I had learned how to fill my soul with the energy and light of the Universe and qualified as a Reiki Practitioner.  I studied Quantum Touch and Angel Therapy, replacing the despair I had felt for years with new hope and self confidence. I had mastered the art of putting light into my body and achieved a Diploma in Natural Nutrition. Working in this completely unfamiliar territory had opened up a new way of living. But now I needed more help, but had no idea where to find it. I was beginning to wonder if this ‘serendipity’ was actually working any more.

However, just as Nina had promised, the magic key was handed to me in a most unexpected way. The next  and most important part of my journey was about to begin and my  next teacher appeared in the shape of a kind and patient man called Alan.

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