body talk: free health

free body healing 

I don’t understand why children aren’t taught in school that some of the most basic requirements for good health are absolutely free!

water – the great free miracle liquid

  • Water lubricates the joints.
  • It forms saliva and mucus.
  • It delivers oxygen throughout the body.
  • Water boosts skin health and beauty.
  • It cushions the brain, spinal cord, and other sensitive tissues.
  • It regulates body temperature.
  • The digestive system depends on it.
  • Water flushes out body waste.


  • Sunlight can improve mood. …
  • Sunshine may prevent us from eating too much. …
  • Sunlight helps stimulate the body’s production of vitamin D. …
  • Sun can help clear up skin conditions like psoriasis. …
  • Sunshine may help maintain the efficiency of the human eye. …

fresh air

  • Fresh air is good for your digestive system.
  • Fresh air helps improve blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Fresh air makes you happier.
  • Fresh air strengthens your immune system.
  • Fresh air cleans your lungs.
  • Fresh air gives you more energy and a sharper mind.

a free force

One of the most encouraging aspects of my new lifestyle was that I began to believe that anything is possible!

It became obvious to me that some kind of hidden force, or energy is at work everywhere, all the time. And although unseen, it is so powerful that it affects physical matter. Look at those flocks of birds and shoals of fish, who move and turn together at the exact same moment. They clearly demonstrate this unseen energy.

The Chinese have been aware of it for thousands of years – they call it “chi” and believe it to be the natural energy of the Universe, which permeates everything. From healing their bodies to arranging their homes, offices, parks and playgrounds they constantly strive to recognise the chi and balance it perfectly.

I enrolled on a course to learn Reiki, a technique from Japan that realigns and balances the energy field around a human body. We practiced on each other and I was surprised and pleased when other pupils reported positive results when I worked on them.

Learning Reiki gave me a surge of personal empowerment and responsibility, which has benefited me ever since. I know that I alone am responsible for the way I feel and that it will affect my body.  I know there is definitely an unseen, very powerful positive energy that we can connect with whenever we want, and that it is absolutely FREE!

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