bren and now

bren and now – happy endings

My story has had a very happy ending. I feel certain that I have been spared from cancer so that I can spread the word, shine my light and help others to survive like me.

looking forward

My ‘chosen’ twin sons are both married to lovely women and I now have many beautiful grandchildren who bring joy and light to my life.

I searched for and found the baby boy who was taken from me in 1968 and I met my handsome forty-six-year-old son and his beautiful wife for the first time in 2014. We bonded instantly and are a constant joy to each other now. 

Finally, after years of self-doubt, guilt and hiding my true feelings I am looking forward to life. I have discovered who I am. I have learned to appreciate the Dance of Life and it is my hope that my Programme of Light will help you to dance too.

Cancer gave me the opportunity to take charge of my own life and my own healing. It is my belief that you can do the same.… 

Always remember – Life is for Living!
Have fun!
bren x