bren and now

bren and now – happy endings

My story has had a very happy ending. I feel very blessed to be where I am today – living in a beautiful place with someone I love and with so many things to be grateful for.

looking forward

My ‘chosen’ twin sons are both married to lovely women and I now have many beautiful grandchildren who bring joy and light to my life.

I searched for and found the baby boy who was taken from me in 1968 and I met my handsome forty-six-year-old son and his beautiful wife for the first time in 2014. It was one of the most joyful occasions of my life. We all bonded instantly and are a constant joy to each other now. 

So finally, after years of self-doubt, guilt and hiding my true feelings I have discovered who I am.  I am constantly alert to becoming drawn back into the negativity that makes me ill. I will always have memories of the darker events in my life, but I always try to walk out of the shadows and into the light. 

I have learned to appreciate the Dance of Life and it is my hope that my Programme of Light will help you to dance too. 

Always remember – Life is for Living!
Have fun!
bren x