lightening the mind

lightening the mind

We need to listen to our thoughts because it is often a big surprise to realise how much negative thinking we do every day. Positive is light whereas negative is dark.

Try listening to your own thoughts from now on. How often do catch yourself being self-critical, unforgiving, impatient, cross, “beating yourself up”?

Do you often feel anxious, upset, nervous or angry? If so, you must learn to ‘lighten up’ – it could save your life!

How often do you praise yourself? Do you ever say, “Well done me”? It’s healthy to feel good about yourself. You should be your own best friend, not a constant critic.

Instead of always looking for faults in yourself and the world in general, you can start to recognise your thought patterns, and replace some of them with positive messages.

You cannot think cheerful thoughts and be dragged down by self- criticism and worry at the same time

So, you have everything to gain by observing what goes on in your head and replacing the bad or sad thoughts with glad ones! Even making small changes to the way you look at life can have an astonishing impact on your health and well-being.

Even if you do not believe it will have any effect, start anyway – you have nothing to lose!

  • Positive thinkers enjoy better health
  • Positive thinkers have better relationships with people
  • Positive thinkers have more confidence
  • Positive thinkers are more successful in life
  • Positive thinkers have a happier life

clearing the mind

Sometimes it feels like we have so many things on our mind that we aren’t able to fully focus on any of them.

After questioning over 3,000 people, a survey in America found that an astonishing 72% of people reported that they were constantly thinking about money…and this was ultimately making them feel stressed out, undoubtedly taking their focus off other areas of their lives. Another survey discovered that a large number of people are concerned about health-related issues such as diseases and illnesses.

So, what can we do to lighten our mental load?

We need to “clean” our thinking. One effective technique is called the brain dump and we only need two things to do it … a pen and a piece of paper!  What we’re going to do is just write down whatever’s on our mind for 15 minutes or so.

Whatever it is, all the tasks, all the stuff, all the things that we’re thinking about, whatever they are right now, just start writing. It’s best to use paper and pen, not computer screen and keyboard.

The goal is just to get it out of our brain and onto the paper.

That’s it. We’ll think clearer and our mental load will feel lighter. We can destroy the piece of paper, or hang on to it – it doesn’t really matter because we’ll feel better whatever we do.

Our minds don’t function well when our body is tired, but the way we think can give us more, or less, energy.  The mind-body connection is incredibly powerful. What goes on in our mind is entirely our choice – remember that we cannot change what HAS happened, but we can decide how we react to life. We can lighten our minds.

Going through life seeing only the bad and the negative will make us ill. But someone who is already unwell can make instant changes for the better by taking control of their mind and choosing only positive thoughts – trust me, it works!

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