mind: emotional freedom

emotional freedom

“The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.”

So says Gary Craig, Founder of EFT. Gary maintains that emotional health is absolutely essential to our physical health and healing — no matter how devoted we are to proper diet and lifestyle, we will not achieve our body’s ideal healing and preventative powers if emotional barriers stand in our way.

Every time someone else writes on the wall of our mind it creates a negative blockage in our emotional body. Before we know it we are carrying burdens that drag our spirits down and steal the joy from our lives. We find ourselves trudging along, becoming more and more bogged down until eventually, we become ill. 

EFT opened my mind and gave me the missing key that allowed me to unlock the trapped emotions which had made me ill. I learned that our instructions for living are written on the walls of our minds and even as adults we subconsciously obey those rules. They are the attitudes, opinions and beliefs that we have accumulated over the years, hand-me-downs from parents, grandparents, teachers, religion, peers, books, TV and other so- called authorities in our lives. We are in effect robots, controlled by outside forces.  

personal peace = perfect health

Discovering EFT was the major turning point in my journey. One of its key aspects is known as the Personal Peace Procedure.

This process is recommended for long-term work on deep seated issues such as cancer. I knew that I must definitely have plenty of those!

For maximum success, I was told to write down a list of every specific event in my life that I wished hadn’t happened, and then perform the EFT tapping routine on them one at a time.

baggage not needed on this journey

I couldn’t believe how long my list became – what promised at first to be a very easy task turned into pages and pages of bothersome events. All those dramatic events from my earlier life had left their mark but some of them had been buried very deeply in my sub-conscious – although the scars were still there.

As I tapped away it was like un-peeling layers of an onion. It took quite a while, but as I went through my list I could feel long standing hurts and grudges sliding away, never to return – emotional freedom indeed!

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