mind how you think

mind how you think!

Can you believe that the cells in our body know what we are thinking – and they will do as they are told?

The phrase “mind over matter” is so familiar we use it without thinking – but do we ever stop to ask what it really means? Like most people, I had heard of the Russian scientist Pavlov and his famous experiments with dogs: how first he programmed the animals by ringing a bell before immediately placing food in front of them. And how soon the very sound of the bell would make the dogs salivate, even when the food was not put down. But I never stopped to think what that proves: that the mind has the power to change the body!

I was thrilled when I realised what this simple phrase actually means. One day I found a book called ‘The Secret Life of Your Cells’ by Robert Stone PhD. The back cover reads “The cells of your body, even removed and observed at a distance, know what you are thinking!”

Excitingly, I had stumbled upon the proof I was looking for, that the body obeys the mind – and I really needed to learn how to make my own wayward body do what my mind wanted!

Stone’s astonishing book describes the work of a scientist called Cleve Backster who did experiments involving live cells harvested from living humans. One woman was given a movie to watch and when she reacted to sudden acts of violence the oral cells that had been collected from her became agitated at exactly the same time, but they were in a laboratory half a mile away!

So you see – the mind definitely tells our cells how to behave.

During my research, I learned the meanings of some very big words, one of which is ‘psychoneuroimmunology’. Literally this term means: the mind (psycho-) controls the brain (neuro-), which in turn, controls the immune system (immunology).

Whatever we think is up to ourselves – but remember, thoughts can be good, bad or downright dangerous! Whether dark or light our body responds accordingly, but most folk don’t know that the MIND controls the BODY. Pavlov proved that thought initiates a physical response in dogs – but it is no different for humans.

Here’s how it works: say, for example you think of your favourite food, your mouth starts to water. Even though there is no food in sight, the thought produces a physical response.

Picture someone you love and you start to feel happy. You relax and a smile spreads unbidden across your face. Again the thought produces a physical response.

Does that mean that we can literally think ourselves well? Yes it does!

In the next section I’ll talk about visualisation – the mind medicine that is totally FREE!

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