mind memories

mind memories

I had heard of ‘cellular memory’ but I wasn’t sure what it meant. On looking it up I was not much wiser, but still very intrigued.

“The theory of cellular memory hypothesises that the subject’s cells hold the memories of past lives and those memories are activated by electrical impulses. While this kind of cellular memory is used to explain past life recall, there is no evidence of it being conclusive, much less the only explanation.”

One day, not long after, I was exploring the stands at an ‘Angel Fair’ in Edinburgh’s Assembly Rooms, when I was unaccountably drawn towards a clairvoyant sitting behind one of the tables. Instead of passing me a message from beyond the grave, which is what I had been expecting, the man said that he was compelled to tell me about a past life that I had experienced even though this had never happened before.

He told me that I had been a wise woman, a healer, in a previous life and that I still had the gift of helping others to heal. He knew nothing about me, but he added that I would be healed from whatever ailment was affecting me. He wouldn’t accept any money, even though I offered  and his words left me feeling very enlightened.

Even while I was studying nutrition I still continued with Nina’s Angel Therapy group meetings to feed my soul, so when one day she offered us all a session of Past Life Regression, I put my name down. It was to be a group session for only four of us,  and would be divided into three sittings over a day.

My three previous lives were not just dreams. They resonated so deeply within me that I could not help but believe that they were based in truth. I have written down what happened in each of them on  a separate page, not to sell the idea but to explain how they helped me. Past life regression may well help others to uncover previously hidden fears and obsessions. Anything that opens the mind to allow light to flood in can only do good in my opinion.

After that day, hang-ups which had plagued me for years, guilt, neediness and a fear of being poor, slipped away, never to return. Many a time I caught the old mindset returning and sent it packing!

To me the concept of re-incarnation is very appealing, as it suggests that life does not end with death. When my son died I wanted desperately to believe that we would meet again in the next life and I studied book after book that would confirm my hopes that death is not the end. Past life regression gave me peace of mind. It may not be for everyone but it certainly worked for me.

my past life sessions

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