soul connections

soul connections

How do we connect our spirit to the celestial energy of the universe? It’s not so difficult as we might think. The Universe is actually all around us.

Everyone knows that we all have a body – the physical part of us, and a mind – the bit of us that lives inside our brain and orchestrates our waking thoughts and actions. But we almost never stop to wonder what drives our minds?

It is our spirit, or soul, the magical spark of life that we were born with which defines our very being. Our spirit can connect our bodies and minds to a higher energy, freeing us from earthly worries and lightening our spirits. There are lots of ways to feel uplifted and most of these are absolutely free! 

Anyone who has sung in a choir, looked at an inspirational work of art or attended a concert of wonderful music knows that we are transported into a different, higher level of joy that can last for hours, even days after the event is over. When we connect with the Universe, we discover there’s a big difference between the experience of joy and what we perceive as pleasure.

Pleasure must be pursued again and again in order to be experienced. Pleasure stems from desire and, when the desire is not met, disappointment and discontent quickly take over. But Joy arrives unbidden, bubbling up from the centre of our being. When we feel joy we are connecting with our higher self and our feelings of contentment last long after the experience.

making the connection

Whoever described Music as “love drawn from a higher plane and distilled for human ears” was spot on! We should all make time in our lives to listen to the kind of music to which our own souls respond, whether it be a classical Mozart violin concerto or a heavy metal track by Guns and Roses.

Creative Expression of any sort is a really good way to nourish the soul. Drawing, writing, painting, cooking, indeed being creative in any way lets our intuition influence and guide our physical hand, prompting an upwards shift in our consciousness.

Laughing is such a good soul exercise! When we laugh, all the tension we feel dissipates. There is a bodily change. It is important to laugh at something every day, even if it is only at ourselves.

Meditation, mindfulness and prayer are powerful methods of shutting out the busy turmoil of the world around us and achieving inner calm . When we practice these we become humans “being” instead of humans “doing.” When I was ill I added myself to a worldwide prayer group where thousands of people prayed for those who had requested it, and I am certain that all that good energy helped me to heal.

Connecting with Nature is feeding our soul. So we should walk among trees listening to the wind in the leaves and the song of the birds. In Bavaria it’s an accepted method of finding inner peace and they call it ‘Forest Bathing’, . In Japan it is called “Shinrin-Yoku“, and it is a recognised therapy.

Researchers are discovering more and more astonishing facts about trees and the impact they have on people. Plants emit chemical substances that act like a natural antibiotic to repel pests, but these plant-based fragrances also have an effect on humans: even a short walk in the woods is enough to reduce the level of the stress hormone cortisol, while the body shows an increase in the production of the mood hormones serotonin and dopamine. Even several days after a forest bath, these and other positive effects are still in evidence.

Children need no prompting to delight in the magic of being the first ever person to leave footprints in freshly fallen snow – why should we adults lose out?

Crystals hold the ageless energy of the universe within them. Crystals contain the remarkable ability to transform, absorb, amplify, and transmit. Energy is everywhere and crystals are the perfect conduit. In fact, the vibrations of crystals are known to change depending on the energy surrounding them, so every stone has a unique and different effect on each individual. Wearing or carrying a crystal or gemstone is a good way to absorb this ancient healing energy.

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