my soul therapy

bringing light into my soul 

I had never heard of a soul therapist before I met Nina. When she welcomed me into her beautiful home in the Scottish borders I immediately felt that it was filled with the most wonderful energy. She herself seemed to glow and I later realised that it was her ‘aura’ shining with the radiant light of the Universe.

I was shown into a quiet room filled with fragrant scents and heavenly music. All around were lovely pictures and angel ornaments of every shape and size. Nina laid a beautiful crystal over where she told me my ‘heart chakra’ was and sat beside me with closed eyes, holding my hand. I felt myself relax completely and drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke she handed me a glass of pure water and whilst I sipped it she told me that she had seen me surrounded by healing angels who would help me on my journey of recovery. Her own ‘guide’ had come forward and asked her to tell me that to move on I needed to change my diet. I was to trust that teachers would appear whenever I was ready to take the next steps. She used a word I had never heard before –  synchronicity.

On the drive back home to Edinburgh, with my partner and best friend Erika, I was still wrapped in a warm glow from my experience, but I was also puzzled by the message I had received. Why was I being advised to change my diet? We didn’t live on fast food and neither of us was overweight. It hadn’t been at all what I was expecting and, to be honest, I couldn’t see the connection at all.

But a few days later a book arrived for me called ‘Your Life in Your Hands’ by a Professor Jane Plant. Erika had gone online and searched ‘links between breast cancer and diet’. This book drew very clear connections between dairy produce and hormone-based cancers, so she ordered it. Apparently the author was a research chemist who had studied a map showing the incidences of breast cancer throughout the world. There was a startling difference between China and USA: in China only one in ten thousand women could expect to suffer from breast cancer whereas in the USA it was a shocking one in ten. 

After a great deal of research one fact stood out. The traditional Chinese diet contained no dairy produce. She proved without doubt that breast cancer and commercially produced dairy and meat products are linked. Breast cancer feeds on the high levels of hormones in intensively reared dairy cows.

So I did need to change my diet – but I hadn’t a clue how to start going about doing it.

the path unfolds – synchronicity

A couple of weeks after that, taxi driver Erika picked up a woman from a cash and carry supermarket. Box after box of lentils, mung beans, tofu and fresh vegetables were loaded into the boot. ‘Don’t tell me’, said Erika to her passenger, ‘You run a vegetarian restaurant?’

This was exactly right and Erika promised to bring me there for a meal, telling the woman that we had gone vegetarian for the benefit of my health. From her bag the passenger took out an invitation for me to attend a lecture in Glasgow the following Sunday, ‘Introduction to Natural Nutrition by Barbara Wren’. So, now I was beginning to understand the meaning of ‘synchronicity’.

Curious, I went through to Glasgow, and from the first few sentences that this remarkable woman spoke, I was hooked, and I embarked on step two of my quest for health.

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