soul sudoku

finding purpose in life

During the process of finding myself I went to a workshop where we were invited to draw a large square and to divide it into nine equal squares, like a Sudoku grid.

Our task was to fill the grid with nine different activities that occupied our lives. It wasn’t as easy as we thought and one or two in the group struggled to think of more than three or four words to fill their boxes.

If our lives are dominated by only one or two activities we may become dependent on them and feel empty when we are not  doing them. If we say ‘my work is my life’, we will be absolutely lost if something happens to take away our job. 

If we have to, for example, care for someone who is housebound we  should really make an effort to enjoy several other activities outside of the house. This benefits not only the carer but the patient as well  because we can have more interesting conversations and bring them glimpses of the outside world. 

A parent who is obsessed with their children is not allowing their child to live its own life. Our duty as parents is to give our children “the roots to grow, and the wings to fly”. If we do this we will have sent happy and well balanced young humans out into the world.