the riverbank

the river bank

Two Buddhist priests were walking beside a river when suddenly a scream shattered the tranquil atmosphere; these holy men belonged to such a strict order that they were not supposed even to look at a woman, and certainly forbidden to touch one.

The younger priest marched on, eyes straight ahead, ignoring the sound. But his companion looked across and saw a young woman struggling for life against the fast flowing current.

He threw himself into the water, waded out and rescued the girl, carrying her to safety.

At the evening meal the younger one approached the other saying “Brother, I am still shocked at what you did earlier today: not only did you look at that woman, you even held her in your arms.”

His friend said “That is true… but whereas I left her on the riverbank, it seems you are still carrying her!”

We carry so much around with us that should be left on the riverbank of life. Unburden yourself and feel lighter for doing so.

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