turning point

turning point

After years of suppressing my emotions, I had reached the year 2000 when the doctor told me I had breast cancer.

I felt numb. From a distance I heard myself agreeing to surgery, chemo and radiotherapy. After two sessions of chemotherapy I returned for a third, but shortly after having the needle inserted I felt an agonising pain in my hand. The vein had collapsed and the chemical was burning my flesh.

I was sent home to recover, but that night I heard a powerful voice in my head crying out, ‘Your body says NO to this treatment’, and at that moment I resolved to leave convention behind and look for an alternative path.

Having no idea where to start, but knowing where I did not want to go, I began by searching the internet and uncovered hundreds of cases where people had recovered from cancer, usually described as ‘spontaneous’. I told myself ‘if they can recover, why not me?’

In the course of my wandering aimlessly around the internet, I came across an Angel Healing Forum and through it I was put in touch with a beautiful lady called Nina who described herself as a ‘Soul Therapist’. Magically she lived not far away from me and, even better, she was able to see me that same week.

At that point in my life I was feeling very lost and lonely, but I very soon learned that we are never alone. Meeting Nina took me on the first tentative steps to becoming healthy again by nourishing my soul.

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